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SPEAK: Thank You & We're Almost There!

Dear Friends of SPEAK:

Thank you to everyone who has contributed (in so many ways!) to SPEAK's "Promoting Powerful Voices" Fundraiser. Thanks to your support, we are over halfway to matching our donors' generous contribution of $1000. If you've been waiting to donate, now is the time! We are ambitiously hoping to raise $400 by the end of October, which is only a few days away, to secure our $1000 match.

Please consider helping us to reach our goal of raising $400 by donating to SPEAK in the last week of October:

Your donation makes a difference! Our SPEAK team is already working hard on our upcoming 2020-2021 initiatives, and your donations directly support our volunteers, students, and classrooms. Help us to pilot SPEAK’s very first online debate program at the Lund Family Center, host a virtual debate training program for Palestinian debaters, and continue promoting powerful voices in our Vermont community. Every little bit counts—and we are extremely grateful for your support!

SPEAK’s Upcoming Programs 2020-2021:

· SPEAK Online: Designing SPEAK's First Online Curriculum · SPEAK at Lund Family Center: Piloting SPEAK's First Online Program · SPEAK NEK Debate Coalition · SPEAK Palestine Worlds Debate Initiative

You can visit our website ( or our Facebook page ( to stay tuned regarding our upcoming programs and learn more about these exciting initiatives!

Thank you again for all of your support and encouragement, and be well!

With gratitude,

The SPEAK Team

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