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SPEAK- Help Promote Powerful Voices!

Too often, the voices that matter most go unrepresented in critical conversations. Teaching individuals how to present in front of an audience, structure an argument, and advocate for themselves is essential to bringing everyone to the table and improving the dialogue.

At SPEAK, we believe that everyone’s voice is unique, powerful, and deserves to be heard.

To carry out SPEAK's mission, we need your help!

Our mission is to promote powerful voices, particularly for individuals whose voices are often underrepresented. SPEAK hosts educational programs and uses debate as a tool to develop professional skills. SPEAK’s curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of public speaking and argumentation, diplomatic dissent, and learning how to tell your story—your way.

Since 2015, SPEAK has been committed to serving our community—and we're just getting started! We offer programs at local correctional facilities, rehabilitation centers, and schools. We also provide lectures and consultations for partner organizations at home in Vermont and around the world. In just over five years, we have reached over 500 students and sponsored more than 25 programs. We’ve seen the impact our programs have had on our participants' ability to advocate for themselves, engage with diverse perspectives, and navigate critical conversations. These skills are even more important right now, as communities respond to these challenging and uncertain times. To continue to carry out our mission, we need your help.

This summer, we need to raise $5,000 to continue bringing SPEAK’s curriculum and network of support to those who need it most. Our all-volunteer model means that donations are channeled directly into our SPEAK programming to reach students near and far. Your donation can ensure that all of our participants have a pencil, notebook, and SPEAK classroom to go to every Wednesday night. Any little bit that you can give makes a big difference for our students. Donate now and help someone else to SPEAK!

To donate now and learn more about SPEAK’s programs, please visit us online at:

Every little bit counts!

- By donating $10, you can help us to purchase journals and pencils for ten students participating in SPEAK’s upcoming program at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility;

- With your $30 donation, we can purchase a re-useable flip chart for group brainstorming sessions;

- With a $150 donation, you can sponsor an eight-week SPEAK session at one of our local host sites—each program reaches 10 to 25 participants at a correctional facility, rehabilitation center, or school in Vermont;

- Donations over $500 aid our operational costs—the money we spend to ensure the quality of our courses and keep the organization going—and fund our international programs;

- A $500 donation sponsors SPEAK’s annual orientation for new volunteers;

- And a $1000 donation helps cover the cost of flights to share our programs internationally.

If you are interested in gifting a larger donation amount, please reach out! You can find our contact information for special gifts at the "Meet the SPEAK Team" page on our website.

On behalf of SPEAK and our students, thank you for your support!

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