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CRCF Debates Pharmaceuticals and Holistic Medicine

This past Wednesday, members of the CRCF SPEAK Debate Society gathered to hear a debate on the motion "This House believes we should allocate more funding to holistic medicine over big pharmaceuticals." This is a complex topic that is very knowledge heavy, and so for any debater it would be a challenge. Our students generated this topic themselves, researched the subject using only materials that our volunteers were able to provide, and then prepared their own speeches. We are immensely proud of the growth that these women have shown over the course of the program. This debate had several veterans of the SPEAK program along with a few people who had never spoken before. We had several guests, including Professor Brennan of Vermont law School and Alyson Shute, one of the co-chairs of the Vermont Law School Criminal Law Society.

This summer's program would not have been possible without the immense dedication of Will Lowrey, who lead sessions for the past nine weeks and ensured that our students were able to continue accessing SPEAK programming. We are so lucky to have Will on our team, and we will sorely miss him over the next several months as he focuses on law school. Having taught many classes with Will, I can personally say that our students will miss his insight, his welcoming nature, and his commitment to promoting the spread of debate and discourse.


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