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Two SPEAK Programs Culminate in High Quality Final Debates

In the past few weeks, SPEAK’s instructors coordinated two 8-week programs at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility and the Woodside Rehabilitation Center, each culminating in high-caliber final debates. Both of these programs included a number of novice students who had never debated before, but who were ultimately extremely successful at driving ng home their arguments.

The CRCF students elected to debate the topic, “This house supports the rise of artificial intelligence,” and focused their arguments on the safety benefits and health risks of the increase in technology in today’s society. The Woodside students created the topic, “This house would allow individuals to privately own and domesticate ALL animals (even wild animals!)” and focused their arguments on freedom of choice v. safety for humans and animals alike. Two OUTSTANDING debates, which included over thirty debaters from CRCF and Woodside in participation and attendance, and nearly twenty volunteers from UVM and VLS! Many, many thanks to all of the students and volunteers for your hard work, and your dedication to debate and SPEAK's programs. We couldn't do it without you!

Special thanks to Laura Sevall and Isabella Olson who led the program at CRCF this spring. Great work!

And we aren't stopping​ there! Our third SPEAK VPDI Program for this spring, run by Will Lowrey and Victoria Scozzaro of VLS, is currently taking place in White River Junction at the Restorative Justice Center. Stay tuned for updates on the great work we're doing in the southern part of the state.  

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