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The CRCF Topic

This past Wednesday, the participants at CRCF voted on their topic. I want to say a bit about how our topics are chosen, and then I'll tell you what the participants will be debating in just a few short weeks.

As far as how we choose topics, the program participants are asked to brainstorm ideas about issues and current events that might make a good debate. They should have good arguments on either side and ideally are topical enough that our instructors can bring in ample research materials to help construct arguments. Participants with an idea for a debate are asked to stand in front of the room and give a short speech discussing why their topic should be the one that we debate. After all potential topics have been discussed, we hold a blind vote which narrows the field down to three. Our instructors then take those topics and thoroughly research them, bringing those materials into class the next week. This week, our instructors narrowed the field down to one topic because of the research that was available. So now, the topic...

This House believes more funding should be allocated to holistic medicine versus big pharmaceuticals.

Great job to everyone involved! I can't wait to hear how the debate goes. Next week, participants will begin constructing their arguments.

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